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The Starmark Story

The Early years: STARMARK™ was founded in June 1998 amid the chaos created by the migration of open outcry trading toward electronic platforms. We recognised early on that, in addition to a cheaper, efficient alternative to the traditional open outcry model, introduction of electronic markets represented a new era which spawned totally new ways of trading. Starmark was at the forefront in discovering and developing trading techniques that have been integral to the firm’s growth and success.

During 2005, Starmark reorganized into a holding company structure. Starmark Holdings Limited is the parent company of the group, with Starmark Investment Management Limited, Starmark Technologies Limited and Starmark Trading Services Limited (internal advisory), as fellow subsidiaries.This reorganization facilitated the evolution of the group’s capabilities and aspirations from purely proprietary trading to encompass investment management services and the provision of trading facilities to third party clients.

Regulatory reporting and trade monitoring systems were developed in house to support trading activity and satisfy regulatory requirements. Research and development of trading related technologies played an important role in achieving Starmark's objectives. We wished to assist traders to trade and, at the same time, prevent market abuse and help maintain integrity of the markets.

In the recent 10 or so years: Starmark's primary business has evolved into regulatory hosting and we no longer engage in proprietary trading. We provide regulatory cover for advisors/traders/fund managers who wish to advise/arrange transactions for clients via the Appointed Representative route and/or manage client funds through a fund structure or managed account. Starmark has the necessary permissions from the FCA to conduct such activities. Starmark Investment Management Limited is a Small Authorised UK AIFM and as such attracts firms/individuals in the start up phase of fund management. We deal with professional clients only (no retail). Start up operations are particularly concerned about costs in their early stages when they are just beginning to attract funds. We are cognisant of this, so provide a very competitive pricing structure, working closely with a global fund management administrator that we have known for many years.  

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