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Starmark Investment Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA (FRN: 190249)


STARMARK™ was founded in June 1998 amid the chaos created by the migration of open outcry trading toward electronic platforms. It was recognized that electronic markets provided more than a cheaper, efficient alternative to the traditional open outcry model. This new era spawned totally new ways of trading. Starmark has been at the forefront in discovering and developing trading techniques that have been integral to the firm’s growth and success.During 2005, Starmark reorganized into a holding company structure. Starmark Holdings Limited is the parent company of the group, with Starmark Investment Management Limited, Starmark Technologies Limited and Starmark Trading Services Limited, as fellow subsidiaries. This reorganization facilitated the evolution of the group’s capabilities and aspirations from purely proprietary trading to encompass investment management services and the provision of trading facilities and software to third party clients.


STARMARK™ has created a valuable infrastructure over the years and management believes that it is now in a position to assist firms looking for a regulatory umbrella via SIML or trading services via STSL. STARTRADE® technology developed for in-house proprietary traders can be tailored to the needs of third party client traders. Also, successful proprietary trading strategies and execution capabilities can be designed to be of interest to third party professional investors. Starmark, through Starmark Investment Management Limited, has the necessary permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct such activities.